Sourdough scrolls

The main player in our sweets ensemble, these scrolls are 100% naturally leavened. The long ferment and the use of oil and sugar in the dough give the scrolls the rise and moisture they need for a light, soft crumb. We then layer in the flavour of the week, bake until golden, brush them with a spiced glaze and top with icing and garnish.   

Our scroll flavours change throughout the year, sometimes taking advantage of any seasonal produce we have on hand and sometimes just to keep it fresh. However, RHUBARB & LEMON have proven to be our customers’ favourite and we like to think it’s our signature scroll so always look for the ‘blue wren’. Fortunately rhubarb and lemon are grown pretty widely in our little town and our generous community often donate their extras for which we are very very thankful.

Made with wholewheat flour, sifted wheat flour, water, salt, sugar, oil, and our sourdough culture.


These super tasty, crunchy and versatile crackers are made with extra virgin olive oil from Red Rock Olives, Pink Lake salt harvested from Western Victoria and a small portion of our sourdough culture.  The plain and simple dough means the natural flavours of the salt and oil really come through. We refresh our sourdough culture often even when we’re not getting ready to bake and it’s this excess that we use in our cracker dough. Waste not, want not.

Our crackers can be found when we’re at market and through our retail partners: the Grampians Store in Pomonal, Pomonal Estate’s cellar door and Five Ducks Farm.

Made with wholewheat flour, bakers flour, olive oil, water, salt and our sourdough culture.

Wren Pickles

Initially we made these as a way of helping out the local farmers who had a fruitful cucumber season and quite a few to spare. Jarred with finely sliced onion, mustard seeds, ground turmeric and lemon myrtle leaves grown in Pomonal. We love these for adding a bit of sweet-tang to our sandwiches or wraps, salads and lazy-lunch nibble-platters.

We sell pickles at market and also through the Grampians Store in Pomonal and at Five Ducks Farm.


C is for cookie nom nom nom . . . we do cookies for when we go to market, usually it’s our wholegrain spelt cookie lightly spiced with ginger and cinnamon but you’ll just have to come to market to see what else!

Veggie hand pies

Originally made in cahoots with Bellellen Organics and only available with their pre-ordered veggie boxes. These little parcels were packed with just organic vegetables, olive oil and salt. Our flaky pastry was made with wheat flour and butter, hand rolled and hand wrapped. We loved being able to use what seasonal veggies they had on their farm and picking them fresh each week. We are keen to revive these beauties, work in progress.

We love eating, I mean making, sweet things so they feature a lot at our market stall and some just don’t make it past breakfast . . .