Thanks to all our customers who have been patiently waiting for us to set up our new digs. We are hoping to be back as soon as possible but we are still waiting to finish fitting out our new bakery shed. As soon as we know a re-opening date we will be shouting it from the rooftops!! Fingers crossed not much longer as we are just as eager to be back at the markets and at our local retailers.

Story so far, one ocean blue shed with painted floor and a lovely tree view. Wiring and plumbing is now roughed in! Three phase power upgrade on the way and the commercial deck oven that’s going to use up all the juice is here!! Lining the walls and decking out the inside will get started next week, start of August. Progress!!!

About us

Blue Wren Bakery is our micro-bakery near the Grampians, with the aim of making tasty sourdough breads and sweets.  We focus on using natural fermentation to achieve certain flavours, aromas, texture and quality dependent on the product we’re making or the ingredients we want to highlight. We use a sourdough culture also because we want to make our breads using just flour, salt and water, no need for any commercial additives or preservatives.

We are passionate about using as many local ingredients as possible, by working closely with and doing what we can to support our suppliers. We hope to help educate others on what it takes to grow and supply them with their everyday food, and also to promote the idea of re-building a regional grain economy.

If you’d like more information or for any sourdough queries please contact us via email or keep checking our social media and website for updates on when and where our bread and baked goodies will be available again.