Our bread range covers the usual suspects with our own little twists and from time to time we’ll throw in a few experimental loaves that we sell at market.

All our breads are made with a natural fermentation, meaning we maintain a sourdough culture that we use to leaven our breads. The balance of yeasts and bacteria in our culture partnered with our processes (two of the key ingredients wherein are time and temperature) are what gives our loaves their unique flavour.

A note about our flours: The whole grain rye, spelt and wheat flours we use are ground using a stone mill retaining all the goodness of the grain including the bran, germ, oil, minerals and subsequent flavours. We also use sifted wheat flour which is often labelled as ‘baker’s flour’ or ‘bread flour’. Typically this is flour that has had more than 30% of the bran and germ sifted from it and thus is white in colour. We’ve referred to it as sifted wheat flour as we want people to know that there are many different flours that bread can be made with and not to exclude all the other delicious flours out there just because they’re not labelled as ‘bread flour’.

Country loaf

(aka our bird house loaf)

A classic style bread whose simplistic nature may be underestimated.  This is our version of a country loaf made with a blend of sifted wheat flour, wholewheat flour and a good splash of whole grain rye flour.

Made with a blend of sifted wheat flour, whole wheat flour and biodynamic whole grain rye flour, pink lake salt, water and our sourdough starter.

The Dark Rye

(aka the black sheep)

The Black Sheep is so named as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It shows off the full flavor of rye with a deep, rich colour and a tender and moist crumb which looks tighter than most wheat loaves. Rye flour and wholegrain flours provide better keeping qualities which we found makes this loaf ideal for traveling with.  Great fresh or sliced thinly and toasted, our favourite topping combination is a mild cheese and sauerkraut.

Made with biodynamic wholegrain rye flour, pink lake salt, water, our sourdough starter and a touch of chocolate malt.

The Seeded Tin

This bread is ALL about texture. The tin loaf comprises sprouted lentils, linseed and cracked wheat with a 100% whole wheat dough, then sprinkled with millet and sesame seeds on top for good measure and golden glow.  With wholesome flavours from the seeds and wholegrain flour, it is as versatile as any country loaf.

Made with whole wheat flour, sprouted red lentils*, linseeds, cracked wheat*, millet, sesame seeds, pink lake salt, water and our sourdough starter. *biodynamic

Fruit bread

Our fruit loaf features a light rye dough that lends a creaminess to the crumb and a slightly darker loaf. Folded throughout are pieces of fruit from our town’s very own Pomonal Orchard (when in season), as well as organic sultanas and currants from Murray View Organics that are traditionally dried on racks not dehydrated thus encapsulating soooo much flavour, and finally, a bit of cinnamon just to spice things up. 

We’re thinking . . . thick slices slathered with butter for morning tea and an afternoon snack, because when it’s this tasty why keep fruit toast just for breakfast?

Made with sifted wheat flour, biodynamic wholegrain rye flour, pink lake salt, sultanas, currants, apples (or seasonal fruit), salt, cinnamon, water and our sourdough starter.


Consisting of 50% wholewheat flour and 50% sifted wheat flour our baguettes are not the traditional French variety but we still aim for the ideal crumb to crust ratio so that they are crispy on the outside and light on the inside. They’re the ideal size for toasted sandwiches or a fitting accompaniment to a picnic spread. 

Made with sifted wheat flour, whole wheat flour, pink lake salt, water, our sourdough culture and malted wheat.

Pumpkin bread

We made this as a specialty loaf but it turned out to be a crowd favourite, so we moved it to our regulars list. Made with roasted pumpkin and black sesame seeds folded through a dough made with a blend of wholewheat and sifted wheat flour. Super soft, subtly sweet and a pleasant bitterness from the seeds. The pumpkins we use are sourced close by from places such as Lake View Organics near Stawell, Moyston General Store, Bellellen Organics and our own back yard.

Made with whole wheat flour, sifted wheat flour, pumpkin, water, salt, our sourdough culture and black sesame seeds.

Spelt & oat porridge

First we make a porridge with oats and milk. Then we make a dough, this particular one includes 50% wholegrain spelt flour for extra flavour and tenderness. Then we fold the two together. What results is a particularly creamy and soft loaf.  The oats are grown in Marnoo by Burrum Biodynamics and they make an extra creamy porridge just on their own.

Made with biodynamic wholegrain spelt flour, sifted wheat flour, biodynamic rolled oats, milk, salt, water and our sourdough culture. *Contains dairy.